Western Missouri Basset Rescue, Inc.


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Volunteer for WMBRI

Our Not-for-Profit Organization is comprised strictly of volunteers.  Without volunteers, it would not be possible for us to continue the work that we do.  Volunteers get to share in each success story. One volunteer might pick up a hound from a shelter, another may transport it to the vet, another may provide foster care, and another could take the basset hound to its new home. There are so many in which you may be able to assist our hounds! 

Below are some of the ways you could help WMBRI:

    • Transporting - this entails picking up a basset to bring it into rescue, assisting in getting a basset hound to it's new forever home, to a foster home or vet appointment.
    • Fundraising Events - coordinating and assisting with fundraising events.
    • Adoption Coordinator
    • Returning Phone Calls .
    • Writing thank you letters
    • Making home visits

No one is paid for their volunteer work, at least not monetarily - but to see the smile on a child's face, the excitement of a whole family and a wagging tail makes it all worthwhile!

We appreciate any time you can share to assist us.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for WMBRI, please email us at wmbri@wmbri.org.