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A foster home's primary purpose is to immediately place a rescued basset hound into a normal home situation.  Rescued basset hounds may come to us from a shelter, due to lose of an owner, a divorce situation, a puppy mill or an abuse situation.  A foster home is the best place for the basset to adjust to the changes in its life and prepare them for a successful adoption.


We ask that the foster parent(s) continue to use the basset hound's original name while it is in foster care.  A foster parent is responsible for the basset hounds basic needs such as food, water and shelter.  A fenced yard or fenced area large enough to allow the basset plenty of room to run and play safely, is necessary.  Basic health care such as routine vaccinations, spay/neuter, and other necessary medical care is paid for by WMBRI.  If the basset hound requires veterinary care or follow-up care, the Foster Care Director will discuss this with you.

The basset hound should have it's identifying tags on at all times.  We suggest using a harness (if available) when walking your foster basset.  Be sure any harness or collar is secure and the basset hound is unable to slip out.  However, pay careful attention not to keep the collar too tight for a comfortable fit.  NEVER use a choke chain on your foster basset hound.  Dogs have died by hanging themselves when a choke chain has been caught on a fence, nail, or some obstacle.


A basset hound's security depends upon the people and places he or she is familiar with.  Having lost both of these, the basset may be frightened and insecure.  It may appear timid or slightly aggressive and even hyperactive.  The way you introduce your foster basset hound to your present dog is very important.  The effort it takes on your part NOW, most likely will make the difference between success and failure.  Please keep in mind that all dogs are territorial.  Your dog considers YOU, your yard and home as IT'S OWN.  For this reason it is best to have your foster basset and your dog meet in neutral territory, such as a nearby park, across the street or down the street from your home.  If possible both parties and the dogs should take a short walk together, allowing the dogs to become acquainted.  If the walk is going well, allow the dogs to get acquainted - by their usual sniffing of each other, then take them together to your yard.  Your dog now has a house guest instead of an intruder. 


The foster home, foster parent(s) and family allow WMBRI to better evaluate the rescued basset hound.  Since we do not always know the basset's background, we may not know if the basset is housetrained, likes children, other dogs and cats.  Most likely your new foster basset may be frightened and insecure.  A foster family or foster parent helps us to get to know the traits and qualities of the rescued basset, and this increases the placement into a perfect forever home dramatically.  Keep in mind, fostering is not always an easy task, in fact, it can be quite trying at times.  The foster parent's patience and understanding is the key to WMBRI's success.

Please remember to stay calm, and most of all, be fair to your foster basset hound and your family pets.  Try to be as calm and relaxed as possible, and do not smother the new arrival in your home.  Remember, you have TWO hands - one for your family pet and one for your new foster.   It's normal for a child or children to be very excited, when there is a new animal in the household - so make sure they do not neglect their faithful companions when your foster basset arrives. 

For a foster home application please email us as wmbri@wmbri.org


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